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1. Establish safety management standard and implementation.
  Through establishing work safety responsibility system, working out safety management system and operating rules, checking hidden dangers, monitoring major hazard sources, establishing prevention mechanism, and standardizing production behavior, make various production links to comply with the requirements of laws and regulations of work safety and standard specifications, keep men, machines, things and environment in good production status, improve it continuously, and strengthen the construction of corporate work safety standardization. Safety management work is a fundamental work of enterprise, as well as an all-employee, all-weather, full-process, all-round work.

Safety slogan: implement safety rules and regulations, strengthen safety prevention measures, standardize work safety management, establish long-term safety mechanism!

2. All accidents can be prevented;
   All accidents can be prevented. Any operating activities can carry risks. If each link is scientific, rational and careful, such risks can be cognized. As long as control measures are proper, such risks can be upgraded into accidents. To do well the safety management work, we shall discover law from reality, sum up experience, clarify our thoughts and cope with it scientifically. Through preliminary prevention, process control and emergency response, any accidents can be avoided totally.

Safety slogan: Everyone shall focus on safety anytime and anywhere.

3. Eliminate any hidden dangers timely.
Hidden dangers can be controlled. If some unsafe factors are discovered, be sure to correct them immediately. To do so, we have to strengthen supervision and check, and operation process control, and perform supervision, validation and record of each operation in the production process. There is no shortcut to safety management. Never do things in the easy way. Never change set operation rules at will. Place all the employees under control. Only through doing so can some unsafety factors be discovered at any time. Be sure to correct them immediately.

Safety slogan: Hidden danger is more dangerous than fire. Prevention is more important than saving disaster. Responsibility is weightier than Mount Tai.

4. Safety management needs constant training, learning and publicity.
Standardize and organize the employees to participate in strict safety training and learning constantly. Stress on the training of managerial personnel on enhancing safety and environment management and handling complex information; stress on the training of full-time safety and environment management personnel on professional ability and supervision level; stress on the training of grass-roots shift leaders and key post production and technology backbones on operating rules, code of conduct and emergency response ability; stress on the learning and training of all the employees on post skills and safety awareness.

Safety slogan: You are happy, so I am happy. You are safe, so I feel at ease.

5. All the employees participate in safety management. Safety management must be strict. Anybody has the right to perform safety management.
The employees’ participation is a key and steering result of safety management. The safety system takes people as its main body. The safety work shall be based on people and life health. “Strictness helps, indulgence spoils”. The safety management shall be strict, careful, meticulous, impartial, and clear in rewards and punishments. A casual carelessness and a small acquiescence will bring some hidden dangers. In the safety management, besides managerial personnel at all levels, all the employees shall participate in the safety management to timely discover and prevent the others’ violation behaviors, to timely discover and eliminate hidden dangers around you, and to base themselves on reasonable proposals. It is safety responsibility of each employee.

Safety slogan: An employee only can guarantee safety partially. All the employees can guarantee safety thoroughly.

6. The biggest problem is that we can check out any problem.
Safety check is to find out some problems, eliminate hidden danger and block work safety loophole, thereby preventing accidents, enhancing corporate safety management level and realizing work safety. Corporate safety work can’t eliminate all the hidden dangers. If our employees have the careless and irresponsible attitude and such mindsets as muddling through work, going through the motions, and are lack of professional level, so they fail to find out the hidden dangers in production post and problems and shortage in management, and to eliminate hidden dangers and check the leaks. Therefore, it loses the significance of safety check. In the long run, it is certain to cause some work safety accidents. If the safety check personnel fails to find out the problem in the safety check which has caused work safety accident, such safety check personnel shall bear the corresponding safety check responsibility.

Safety slogan: Safety is derived from vigilance. Accident is derived from carelessness. Attitude determines result.

7. Safety culture and safety atmosphere are the seed of safety management.
Melt the concept of “Safety First” into all the employees’ actions. Safety culture and safety atmosphere in line with corporate development and production reality are like a seed. Only through planting such seed into each employee’s heart can such seed grow beautiful “safety flowers” and bear sweet “safety fruits”.

Safety slogan: Create safety atmosphere, establish safety environment, carry forward safety culture, standardize safety behavior

8. Safety is benefit.
Safety creates efficiency. Efficiency creates benefit. Good safety is equal to good result. Safety operation is guarantee of benefit. Safety operation can avoid accidents, personal injury, and individual and corporate losses.

Safety slogan: Safety is the biggest saving. Accident is the biggest waste.


The company values each employee’s working and living environment. Currently, the company has established tidy, beautiful, comfortable office buildings, training center, cultural exhibition hall, employees reading room, employees restaurant, employees apartments, rest house, cultural and sports activity center, etc. The company often organizes various cultural and sports activities, such as basketball and table tennis competitions, safety knowledge competition, speech competition, essay competition, etc., for the purpose of displaying the employees’ specialties and abilities, making the employees feel warmth of “home”, and making the employees feel at ease and in comfort in Donghai Special Steel Group. Each employee also rewards Donghai Special Steel Group with their full enthusiasm and persistent dedication, thereby reaching harmonious win-win development of the enterprise and the employees.