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Innovation is the soul of corporate development. Adhere to innovation and excellence, boost transformation and upgrading through technological innovation, and improve enterprise competitiveness constantly. It is a key for Donghai Special Steel Group to get ahead.
The company has established a technical center, brand cultivation and management system and quality control system, and combined market to develop and varieties to recommend.
The company has formed an independent innovation system integrating industry, universities, research and sale, and positively performed independent innovation activities in various sectors, with market as steering, with national key research institute and universities as foundation.
1580 hot-rolled production line steel rolling automation system jointly developed by the company and University of Science and Technology Beijing has been put into operation; the coiled plate products have reached domestically-leading quality level.
According to market demands, the company has developed hot-rolled coiled plate, such as SPHC and SPHD cold-rolled steel, and medium-and high-end screw-thread steel, such as 500MPa high strength shock resistance rebar.
The innovation system and innovation achievements enhance the enterprise competitiveness, boost the construction of large-sized joint steel and iron enterprise with advanced technology, reasonable varieties, energy conservation and high efficiency, eco-friendly ecology, good benefit, strong competitiveness, and good stability and harmony, and lay a solid foundation for the development of high-strength, corrosion-resistant competitive steel.