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Hebei Donghai Special Steel Group Co., Ltd."DONGGANG" brand rebar brand successfully registered on the Shanghai futures exchange

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On March 15, 2016, the Shanghai futures exchange (hereinafter referred to as the previous) by formal approval, agreed to my company production of "DONGGANG" brand rebar in the registration of the previous period, from the date of approval issued, rebar futures standard contracts by the product can be used in the previous period of delivery performance.


By the previous period is one of the three most authoritative exchange in China, register of the delivery of the brand, the review process is very strict, the quality of product, the standard of technology, national qualification licensing and related industry, enterprise management, product market awareness, product packaging, etc all have strict requirements. After registration, the product can be used as the futures trading, this not only expanded the company's products sales channels, and in the promotion of enterprise image, enhance brand awareness, etc, has important significance.

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