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Thanks for your care and support to Donghai Special Steel over the years!
Hebei Donghai Special Steel Group Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, has grown into a modern steel and iron joint enterprise integrating ore mining, steel and iron metallurgy and rolled metal.
When one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from. The growth of Donghai Special Steel benefits from strong support from party committees and governments at all levels and all sectors of society. We will give back to society with more outstanding performance and more sincere service.
Chinese steel and iron industry has realized the upgrading of product structure and expansion of scale through the upgrading of equipment and technology for a long term. “New normal” major strategic judgment proposed by president XI Jinping in 2014 incisively revealed new change of China's economy development stage. The steel and iron industry under “new normal” of China's economy has gradually transited from the fast-growing stage to low-speed stable development stage, and entered into “severe winter” of “excess production capacity, market downturn and over-high cost”. The steel and iron enterprises are facing baptism.
Opportunities and challenges co-exist. Donghai Special Steel shall base itself on its own advantages and focus on domestic and overseas markets to enhance internal strength and shape external image, and strive to create core competitiveness of Donghai Special Steel through guaranteeing safety, cleaning environment, adjusting structure, building brand and creating culture. Only through doing so can Donghai Special Steel tide over this round of “severe winter” steadily.
Donghai Special Steel has three major advantages: resource advantage, technology and talent advantages and geographical advantage. The company is located in Sijiaying Iron Mine Regional known as Asia’s first biggest iron ore reserves, next to Kailuan Coal Mine, and has established stable cooperation relation with some nations rich in iron mine, such as Brazil, Australia, etc., with exclusive resource advantages. The company is located in Tangshan, adjacent to Beijing as the center of technology and culture and Tianjin as the economic center of North China, neighboring two major steel and iron bases: Shougang Group and Hesteel Group, which bring the company great advantages in technology and talents. The company is located in the traffic hub of “The Three Norths” region, and close to Tianjin Port, Caofeidian Port and Jingtang Port, with convenient sea-land-air traffic, which bring the company unique advantages in personnel flow, raw material supply and product transportation.
Since its inception, Donghai Special Steel has been viewing the work safety as the cornerstone of corporate survival and development. Adhering to the work safety policy of “People Orientation, Safety First, Beforehand Prevention, Comprehensive Governance”, complying with the requirements of new Law of the People's Republic of China on Work Safety, the company controls each link of work safety management system, and does well work safety management by laws and regulations. The company strictly implements the laws and regulations of work safety, strengthens the safety awareness of all the employees, establishes and improves various safety protection facilities, strengthens on-site supervision and regulation, deepens check of hidden dangers, and advances institutionalization, standardization, normalization and systematization of work safety management. We have passed the certification of OHSAS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System.
“Beautiful China, Green Special Steel” is our eternal goal. Focusing on environmental protection, Donghai Special Steel performs environmental protection work and makes our contributions to building ecological civilization in strict accordance with Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China. The company has increased the investment in environmental facilities, established a feasible environmental protection emission supervision and control system and waste gas, wastewater, waste solid recycling utilization system, implemented “7S” Site Management and Cleaner Production, and made great efforts in the plant’ hardening, for the purpose of creating a green steel enterprise. The company has passed the certification of ISO14001 Environment Management System, and has reached national standard of pollutant emission, and will strive to reach its international standard. Moreover, the company has established a modern sewage treatment center. The industrial water treated by advanced technology can be recycled to realize zero emission, and can be drunk directly. The waste solids can be treated comprehensively for recycling utilization. The greening rate of the plant is up to 38.8%, and the remaining ground is hardened.
Under the new normal trend of steel and iron industry, transformation and upgrading are the strategic focus of Donghai Special Steel. We will positively boost adjustment of industrial structure, strive to extend the downstream industrial chain, produce cold-rolled thin plate, color-coated plate, tin plate, etc., refine product mix, and enhance corporate competitive ability. Moreover, we will expand our industrial structure towards tertiary industry.
Quality is the life of enterprise. For the sake of survival and profiting, an enterprise must provide customer-satisfied products and services in an all-round way in the principle of “Quality First & Customer Supreme”. Only through doing so can an enterprise remain invincible in the fierce competition. Therefore, to build Donghai Special Steelbrand and improve Quality Management System constantly is the focus of our management work. The company has passed the certification of ISO9001 International Quality Management System, so we can strictly control each link from production source to product delivery to guarantee “zero defect” of our products.
Corporate culture is certain to be a key factor for ups and downs of an enterprise in future industrial competition. Therefore, to shape a characteristic corporate culture is our long-term target. Currently, our corporate culture construction has achieved good effect. Next, the company will import CIS corporate image identification system, and advance our corporate culture construction from such aspects as VI, BI and MI. Our goal is to be an enterprise respected by the society, to be an enterprise influential in the industry, and to be an enterprise that our employees feel proud of.
Our corporate tenet is to “grow with society and give back to society”. Donghai Special Steel has been fulfilling its social responsibility sincerely, giving back to society actively, and sponsoring public welfare establishments. Over the years, the company has made donations to some charity organizations for poverty relief, quake-stricken areas for the victims to tide over difficulties, and local communities to build public facilities and support educational undertaking...
The purpose of looking back to the past is to march towards the future. In terms of China’s steel and iron industry, it is increasingly severe. We will earnestly implement the spirits of the fourth plenary session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC and president XI Jinping’s important addresses, deepen reform in an all-round way, accelerate strategic transformation, focus on structural adjustment, make great efforts to advance construction of safety and environment system, manage the enterprise according to law, and create circular economy.
With such good opportunity of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergetic development, Donghai Special Steel will make the best of the “internet +” sales platform proposed by premier LI Keqiang, adhere to the principle of “wide consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits” of “the Belt and Road”, expand and stabilize such international markets as Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa, etc., and establish more equal balanced new strategic partner relationship. Moreover, the company will strive to realize intelligentized manufacturing, and match towards “Industry 4.0” strategic target.                                

Hebei Donghai Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.Chairman: Lin Guojing