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Distinguish talents by morality and ability, give full scope to talents, and appoint talents by performance

““Distinguish Talents by Morality and Ability, Give Full Scope to Talents, Appoint Talents by Performance” is Donghai Special Steel Group’s talent concept extracted from the effective mechanism of selecting talents, cultivating talents, appointing talents and retaining talents. The company carries out the people-oriented concept of appointing talents, that is, respecting human requirements, cultivating human skills, stimulating human progress, realizing human value, for the purpose of cultivating a team of vigorous and creative employees with team awareness, good personal quality and excellent professionalism. 
Distinguish talents by morality and ability: “Talents are corporate first wealth”. “Stressing on both morality and ability” is Donghai Special Steel’s only standard to distinguish talents. “Moral and talented, use unconventionally; Moral but not talented, use after training; Moral but not sainted, use in limit; neither Moral nor talented, never use.” Donghai Special Steel makes the best of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, on the basis of advantages of Beijing as the center of technology and culture and Tianjing as the economic center of North China to attract the talents;and cooperates some famous universities such as University of Science and Technology Beijing, Nankai University, Northeastern University, etc. to open up the talent transfer channel and expand the talent reserve. Donghai Special Steel is adjacent to Shougang Group and Hesteel Group, which bring the company some great advantages in flow and exchange of high-end professional technical talents. 
Give full scope to talents: Talents are corporate first resource as well as the foundation of corporate development and competition. With corporate business philosophy of human resources investment strategy, the company stresses on reserve and cultivation of professional talents, and exploits the employees’ potentialities to give full scope to talents. The company has established long-term cooperation with some professional universities, set some professional practice and training bases, established and improved the system of introducing, cultivating and employing the talents, which provide a good platform to transfer scientific and technological achievements into productivity.
Appoint talents by performance: Donghai Special Steel stresses on the employees’ enthusiasm, creativity and dilligence. The company establishes fair competition mechanism and performance mechanism to provide opportunities and platform for various talents to realize their self-value. Promote the mutual development of the enterprise and the employees, and realize common development of the employees and the enterprise.