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Special steel group behavior recognition system of the east China sea

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The component parts of a, the east China sea special steel behavior recognition system


The east China sea special steel group behavior recognition system is a dynamic form of concept identification system. The code of conduct include public code of conduct and executive conduct of two parts. We know that the differences between norms and rules and regulations regulation is hard, belongs to hard binding; The code of conduct is soft, belongs to the soft binding. System can stipulate the behaviors of working hours, but it is difficult to the behavior of the outside working hours, and behavior can not only guide the behavior of the staff within working hours, and can guide the behavior of the employees outside working hours.


Second, the purpose of the special steel behavior recognition system of the east China sea


Special steel group, the design of the east China sea the behavior recognition system's aim is: 1) to the east China sea special steel cultural concepts into specific norms, made concept can not only deeply rooted in the east China sea special steel workers, more to be converted into the east China sea special steel concrete actions of employees, make it become a part of the corporate quality; 2) through the code of conduct to the organizational behavior of harmonious and unified in the east China sea special steel, establishing a scientific and normative enterprise operation order, enhances the working efficiency of the enterprise employees, improve enterprise image, the realization enterprise economic benefit and social benefit is growing.




Public code of conduct


Public code of conduct:


A, greeted with great civilization


1, foreign visiting guests, or corporate level leadership (wearing a red helmet) into the company's production site or office space, staff should take the initiative to stand up, you see first greeting. Visit at the scene, the relevant units, head of the leadership, the on-site workshop section chief, director (or monitor) to accompany and guide, the tour to send to safe areas.


2, the company factory ministerial leadership (wearing a red helmet) into the company's production site or office space, staff should take the initiative to greet you meet first.


3, work first met should greet each other between colleagues, men should take the initiative to greet women, who should take the initiative to say hello, higher the young should take the initiative to greet the older, also can see the first active say "hello".


4, others take the initiative to say hello to you, must have a response.


5, before coming off work arteries: "goodbye", "see you tomorrow", "I walked first," go say hello.


6 meet acquaintances, over a long distance, the public should not shout greetings, and also cannot surpass others or across the aisle to shake hands, just nod or hands.


Second, the civilization office and homework


1, staff work period to wear labor protection articles according to the rules and in accordance with the operating rules homework.


2, while working to maintain the health standard of responsibility area and lounge, clean up the garbage heap in time is set, and classification of storage.


3, agencies should keep their desks, filing cabinets, office supplies and other items neat, orderly and clean; Confetti, sundry etc should be timely to throw into the basket, must not throw litter about.


4, take good care of equipment, tools, and the scene and all public facilities in the office.


5, danger area to keep other personnel to enter, because of work need to enter the danger zone to strictly abide by the rules, such as fire prevention, prevent poisoning and completes the registration in accordance with provisions.


6, into the leadership or the business office for instructions, reports or communication work, want to knock at the door first, get permission to enter; Such as leadership is talking with others, or to discuss work, should be waiting outside a little bit, may not be directly to the leadership and interrupt others.


7, shall not be called in the office, the office work or play the phone conversation, note the volume moderate, try not to affect other staff room


8, go to work time not to talk about, has nothing to do with the job does not have other office walked, string hillock, chat; Should not take off duty or to the dorm to rest; Can not avoid.


9, to arrange things or for others to undertake the leadership of the things to me or reply in a timely manner.


10, take good care of, economical use of company property, vandalism, not extravagance and waste.


11, during the work to maintain a positive and upward, and not afraid of dirty, afraid tired, does not fear endures hardship, work style.


12, the staff for every day of every thing should be careful to do good, never put off till tomorrow what you can do things day, nissin high.


Three, civilization to and from work


1, staff every day to attend briefing ahead of time, to be prepared for succession and shift.


2, close to go off work, want to focus on their work, not impetuous; While going off work to work area of the tool, the store belongings positioning; According to regulations, in accordance with the standard clean responsible area.


3, the staff to work to all line up on the street on the right side (or walk on the sidewalk), walking it is forbidden to talk loudly, involuntary sprint, walking is not in one seam through the first, when the cross to comity vehicles.


4, employees across the street to uniform the pedestrian zebra crossing.


5, walking on the road to consciously abide by public order, no smoking, no littering.


6, commuter pedestrian passageway, in order to line up a credit card.


7, workers sit on commuter trains to queue up, after the first, and keep the car clean.


8, staff vehicle (automobile, motorcycle, bicycle) to neatly in the specify yard, parking Spaces.


9, employees in the canteen to order queue up meals, eating, can't talk loudly, and maintain desktop, floor clean.


10, the staff to take good care of while taking a shower bath facilities, save water.


Fourth, civilization instrument


1, wearing overalls as stipulated in the company, and labor protection supplies, clean and decent, button, don't open chest Lou, not holding sleeve arm in pants.


2, can't drink before work, post to avoid eating Onions, garlic, leeks and other irritating smell of food.


3, work time don't eat areca, gum or snacks, etc.


4, keep the overalls and labor protection supplies clean, do not have peculiar smell; Can't unkempt, not long hair.


Five, civilized behavior


1, a stable posture to correct, back a bit on the chair, avoid by all means is seemed as, or bench lay or sleeping.


2, standing tall and straight nature, avoid by all means east west pendulum, her hands rested on her hips, legs shaking.


3, walk to calm steady, avoid by all means the dorsal hands, body about violent shaking.


4, gestures to natural elegance, the standard reasonably. Introducing someone or guide direction for the guest, should the palm up, finger together, arms extended nature; During the command or communicate using sign language should be concise, standard, visual each other.


5, no spitting, no littering, consciously pick up the ground clutter thrown to the trashcan.


6, not in public places carving graffiti, not logging off flowers and trees, don't trample on grass.


Six, civilized conversation


1, talking with people, to be short and concise, voice-processed-sounding garble of Yin and Yang, and yelling.


2, talk to consciously use civilization terminology, say dirty word, coarse language not, not aggressive, the appropriate application respect, humility.


3, talk with guest, leadership, and the elderly, to properly use your respectful name "you", to have a position in the company leadership to call names, don't name names.


Seven, civilized conversation


1, mobile phone, landline or walkie-talkie talk on the phone to the voice clear, soft, accurate words and words concise.


2, start to use "hello!" Such as civilization terminology.


3, at the end of the call, politely ask the other party: "excuse me, what can I do for you?" If sure has been finished, should say "good bye!" .


4, pay attention to the volume, don't shout influence others work, talk time shoulds not be too long, is prohibited in the office with a hands-free sets.


5, answering personal calls to make a long story short, myth chat is forbidden.


Eight, civilization


Handle guest to 1, smiling, friendly, courteous and hospitable, courteous and don't peremptorily.


2, speak with guests do things in good faith, will, in deed.


3, don't do STH without authorization to outsiders to the company.


4, when the visitors leave, want to say goodbye to each other in the proper manner.




Executive behaviour


Executive level code of conduct:


A, accept the work instruction


Accept instructions is the precondition of executives to work accurately. Therefore, executives in accepting the orders must be with an order repeat again to ensure that the instructions are accurate.


Second, to carry out the work


1, obey orders, listen to command


Obey orders, listen to the command is the embodiment of the good qualities, soldier in enterprises is a good staff should have the same good quality. Executive employees must obey the arrangement of the superior leadership, complete the work according to ensure the quality of instruction, can never part, according to their own ideas in practice.


2, wuxi, seriously


A qualified employee should love his post, heartfelt love career, continuously learn new knowledge in the organization production, conscientious do a good job, and make due contributions to construction and development for the enterprise production.


3, comply with the operating rules, safety and civilized production


In order to ensure the safety of production and personal, equipment, employees must be familiar with production process of the position characteristics, equipment structure, performance, production environment, etc., strictly abide by and enforce security technology operating rules and wear labor insurance supplies, timely discover and eliminate accidents, do "three-no harm", realizing safe civilized production.


4, study professional skills, lean manufacturing process


Staff professional skills of high and low, directly decide the enterprise production efficiency. Therefore, the enterprise of the grass-roots staff must be familiar with the operation of the position technical requirements, constantly study designed for skills, and constantly improve the level of operation at the same time, strengthen the process management, strict process control, standardize operations, achieve excellence, strive to improve the production efficiency, production task overfulfilled.


5, positive communication, immediate feedback


Practitioners in the process of working to timely feedback the progress situation to command the publisher. Form a BiGeJuan guarantee a job like this, to ensure that the instruction publishers can master the working dynamic at any time.


Third, performance appraisal


According to executives work completion, examination or a reward. To supervise the executive CRD finish arrangement work on time.


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