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Innovation, efficiency, integrity, win-win situation


Innovation, efficiency, integrity, win-win, the east China sea from September 2009 special steel group was founded at the beginning of always carry out the innovation, efficiency, integrity, win-win spirit of enterprise. The development of special steel group in the east China sea that innovation, efficiency, integrity, win-win spirit of enterprise is stand the test of practice is a scientific and reasonable.


Innovation: reorganizing the production conditions and factors, build up efficiency of the stronger, more efficient and lower cost of production and operation mechanism, to launch new products, new technology method, opening up new markets.


Efficiency: the east China sea special steel group actively understand the economic globalization and the development trend of the contemporary science and technology, to grasp the national macro economic development policy. Through continuous research enterprise external and internal environment analysis, the correct management decisions, time to actively produce marketable products as the premise of improve the efficiency of enterprises. Special steel group in the east China sea has always been to ensure the customer order within the stipulated time to complete the delivery of the products.


Integrity: special steel group in the east China sea in the business contacts with customers abide by credit, ensure the quality to complete the order in accordance with the contractual stipulations. To be honest with employees, in strict accordance with the company rules and regulations to perform actions. Protects the reasonable trust interests of the employees.


Win-win situation: the pursuit of excellence, scaling new heights of hebei east special steel group is willing to cooperate with friends all over the world, win-win development! Every employee also enthusiastically, persistent dedication will be returned to the east China sea special steel group, achieved the harmony and win-win of enterprise and employee.


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