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Culture is the soul of the enterprise. Hebei east special steel group always takes "improve efficiency, to create wealth, helping employees, to give back to society" of the enterprise purpose, adhere to the "innovation, efficiency, integrity, win-win" spirit of enterprise, first-class talents, first-class indexes and create first-class efficiency, build first-class enterprise, the pursuit of excellence, innovation and development, efficient service in the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei economic development strategy and "area". "People, people, performance of choose and employ persons, well" is the east China sea special steel group from effective candidate, education, employment, retention mechanism is summarized in the ideology. Companies to promote people-oriented concept of choose and employ persons, namely, respect for the needs of the people, cultivate people's ability, the value of the progress and achievement of motivating people, focus on cultivating a team awareness, good personal qualities, professional excellence, both dynamic and creative staff. Company attaches great importance to every employee's work and living environment, to create a clean, elegant and comfortable office building, training center, cultural exhibition hall, reading room, staff canteen, staff apartments, conference and entertainment center, etc., often in basketball, table tennis and safety knowledge contest, speech contest, theme essay style, to show employees special skill and ability, make the employees fully feel the warm atmosphere of "home", make the employees work and live in the east China sea special steel group feel at ease, rest assured, comfortable. Every employee also enthusiastically, persistent dedication will be returned to the company, achieved the harmony and win-win of enterprise and employee


Talent: talent people, people, performance of choose and employ persons



"People, people, performance of choose and employ persons, well" is the east China sea special steel group from effective candidate, education, employment, retention mechanism is summarized in the ideology. Companies to promote people-oriented concept of choose and employ persons, namely, respect for the needs of the people, cultivate people's ability, the value of the progress and achievement of motivating people, focus on cultivating a team awareness, good personal qualities, professional excellence, both dynamic and creative staff.


DE well: "talent is the enterprise first wealth". Having both ability and political integrity is the sole criterion for the east China sea steel discern talent. A DE talented abnormality reuse, is, not only cultivate use; No, have to limit the use of no, no only resolute don't. East China special steel make full use of the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, relying on science and technology culture center in Beijing and the north economic center of tianjin two big cities, people-oriented, susquehanna talents; With the Beijing university of science and technology, nankai university, northeastern university and other famous universities, through talent pipeline, expansion of talent pool. The east China sea special steel as two major iron and steel, shougang, river steel base neighbour, in the high-end professional and technical personnel flow and communication has a good advantage.


Men: talent is the first resource of the enterprise, is the root of enterprise development and competition. The company in line with the enterprise management concept of human resource investment strategy, pay attention to the reserve and training of professional talents, fully tap the potential employees do men. Company established a long-term relations of cooperation between colleges and professional colleges, to establish a professional internship training base, establish and perfect the talent introduction, training and use of the system, in order to further promote the scientific and technological achievements into productivity provides superior platform.


Performance of choose and employ persons: pay attention to the enthusiasm of employees, the east China sea special steel creativity and initiative. To establish a fair competition mechanism and performance mechanism, make all kinds of talents has fully realized self value of the opportunity and platform. Promote the development of the enterprise and employees each other, finally realizes the staff with enterprise common development, share the success of a win-win situation.


Science: innovation, thus, increase efficiency



Innovation is the soul of an enterprise development, adhere to the "innovation", relying on scientific and technological innovation to promote transformation and upgrading, and constantly improve enterprise competitiveness, this is the east China sea special steel walk in front of a magic weapon to win industry.


Special steel in the east China sea, adhere to the road of new industrialization development in order to improve product competitiveness as the center, relying on scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, actively explore and transformation of the mode of development, adjustment of product structure, efforts to extend the industrial chain, will gradually develop cold rolled sheet, caitu, tinplate, iron printing, and so on project, in the future the company will introduce eight color printing production line, using new printing and delivery mode, realizing the automatic intelligent control; At the same time, set his sights on coated iron market, not only gives the sheet of new vitality, but also greatly improve product added value.






Quality, continuous improvement, the pursuit of perfection




Quality is the life of the enterprise. Companies adhere to the "path to varieties, quality and benefit", has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and continuous improvement; Company established a perfect quality control means, equipped with advanced testing instruments, to ensure the product quality inspection data timely, accurate and reliable.


Continuous improvement: embodies unwilling status quo, the east China sea special steel self-compression, challenge themselves, to never meet, and enterprising spirit, innovative development ideas, to speed up the pace of development, achieve better goals.


Pursuit of perfection, the east China sea special steel people give full play to the subjective initiative, creative work, gradually improve technological process, the pursuit of the products done, ensure that every batch of products in line with the requirements of customers. High-quality product quality and perfect service is the enterprise market permit, "" east steel product market satisfaction reached 100%.



Security: the supremacy of life, security for days



Life first: the company strictly implement the safety production laws and regulations, strengthen the safety consciousness, establish and improve the safety protection facilities, strengthening the supervision and regulation, deepen the hidden perils, institutionalization, standardization, standardization, and push the production safety management systematically. We have been through the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.


Safety for the day: safety is the premise of happiness, is the basis of the production and business operation, is the assurance of economic benefits.


Security for the day of the idea that, in the east China sea attaches great importance to the safety in production of special steel, always adhere to the "safety first, prevention first" the principle of days font project for the life safety of the employees, improve the implement the responsibility system for production safety, safety and production facilities, actively advocate safety culture, strive to establish a long-term safety management mechanism, efforts to create a strong safety atmosphere, ensure the safety and health of the employees and the enterprise production and business operation activities smoothly.



Environmental concept: beautiful, green China special steel



Innovation, coordination, the fifth plenary session of the green, open, sharing is 18 to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" set the tone for the economic development of the five ideas, including green development is referred to an unprecedented height. Comply with the macro situation, respond to a nation called for special steel and thorough going efforts to promote green development of the east China sea, fully implementing clean production and strengthen the energy conservation and emissions reduction, realizes the enterprise green transition, the first out of the a and harmonious and healthy development of the city road. In the face of the new development trend of the iron and steel industry, the company will be based on the existing work, with green transformation and clean production as the starting point, to further improve the level of energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental construction, striving for the harmonious development of society and enterprises, enhancing economic benefit and social benefit together, achieve efficiency enterprise to responsible, happiness.






Outlook: the integration of resources, put an end to waste



Integration of resources, put an end to waste, we follow the big trend in the development of the national energy saving, clean, safe, economic development policy, increase investment in energy management, enhance the level of energy management. An energy management center, the use of information technology on secondary energy and power medium unified dispatch and command, make reasonable allocation, transportation, energy flow to achieve optimization of energy utilization.



View of the crisis: in time of peace prepare for war, the thought into danger



In time of peace prepare for war: only in developing moment with suffering consciousness, always stay alert, save for a rainy day, be safe, enterprise to danger, to flourish.


East China special steel in developing always takes "in time of peace prepare for war, the crisis into" view of the crisis, actively respond to the market downturn and environmental governance, such as multiple difficulties and pressure, further deepening of industrial structure adjustment and upgrading of product structure.



Dedication: to carry out the tree, drinking water source



To carry out the arms tree, drinking water source. "And the social grow together, to give back to society" is the aim of the special steel group in the east China sea. Company has always been sincere to fulfill social responsibility, keen to give back to society, support the social public welfare undertakings. Over the years, the company donate to charity for the poor; To the earthquake zone subscription to help the affected people overcome difficulties; Endowed the public facilitiesAnd donate to support the local community construction and the cause of the education..


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