East steel strictly follow the national energy development trend, adhere to the development policy of saving, clean, safe and economical, strengthen energy management, efforts to build circular economy, to maximize energy recycling. The company set up energy management center, the use of information technology for the two energy and power medium unified scheduling and command, energy use to achieve optimization. The company's new coke dry coke quenching (CDQ) project, can reduce coke quenching water consumption 540 thousand tons per year. The introduction of SHRT technology, ultra high pressure gas power generation, power generation, CDQ waste heat of sintering waste heat generation, and rolling process of converter steam waste heat power generation, blast furnace pressure (TRT) and BPRT power device, effectively improve the utilization rate of energy; construction of steel slag processing production line, recovery of converter dust, iron oxide and other waste for sintering production, improve the level of the recycling of solid waste; to build 280 thousand cubic meters of Dwiggins type gas storage cabinet, the converter gas (LDG) effective recovery. Supporting the implementation of cogeneration projects and power generation: 75 thousand kw/h, 78 thousand kw/h, 80 thousand kw/h, 93 thousand kw/h ultra high pressure gas generator 1 sets of 36 thousand kw/h blast furnace TRT power generation unit, the 45 thousand kw/h heat of steam generators, 20 thousand kw/h CDQ waste heat generator.

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