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Enterprise strategy

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Enterprise strategy

Science and pipe mills, pioneering and innovative development

Cost control, saving energy and increasing benefits

Governance in accordance with the law, follow rules JiYan management

Environmental protection net, clear water, blue sky built their homes

Security guard, people-oriented prevention





Scientific tube mills, innovation development, cost control, saving energy and increasing benefits in accordance with the law, and for the enterprise, according to rules JiYan net management, environmental protection enterprises, clear water, blue sky built homes, security guard, people-oriented heavy prevention: the east China sea special steel by the enterprise of science and technology, talents (hereafter, for enterprise in accordance with the law, environmental protecting net companies, security companies, and so a series of strong measures, special steel group to the east China sea into a low energy consumption, low pollution, low cost, and pay attention to the humanistic care of garden-like modern steel mills.


Scientific tube mills, innovation development: in the new normal economic situation, in the fierce competition in the steel industry diversification, multi-angle collision big background, the east China sea sail of special steel group force with industry, tenacity, perseverance, efforts to implement the strategy of boutique, ongoing technological innovation and product upgrading. Company established the technical center, established the brand cultivation management system and quality control system, has been formed production, study and research, sales of independent innovation system, namely, take the market as the guidance, supported by national key scientific research units and institutions, actively carry out independent innovation in the field of activity. In collaboration with the Beijing university of science and technology of 1580 hot rolling production line of steel rolling automation system research and put into operation, rolled plate product quality control level in the domestic leading level.


Cost control, saving energy and increasing benefits: the east China sea strictly follow the national energy development trend of special steel, insist on saving, cleaning, security, economic development policy, strengthening the management of energy and effort to build circular economy, to maximize the implementation of energy recycle. Company set up energy management center, the use of information technology on secondary energy and power medium unified scheduling and control, to optimize energy use.


Governance in accordance with the law, follow rules JiYan management: the east China sea special steel group, combined with national laws and regulations enacted in accordance with its own characteristics enterprise rules and regulations, to the serious discipline, the purpose of strengthening labor discipline.


Environmental clean, clear water, blue sky built their homes, "innovation, harmonious and green, open, sharing" is "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning in our country economic development of the five big idea, green development is referred to an unprecedented height. "The beautiful China, green special steel" is the eternal pursuit of the goal of company, and took the lead out of a green harmonious and healthy development. The company strictly in accordance with the environmental protection act, in accordance with the law to carry out the environmental protection work, while vigorously increase environmental protection infrastructure investment, establish effective environmental emission control system and the exhaust gas, waste water, solid waste recycling systems, large power plant under sclerosis, lighting, greening, landscaping, strive to build green steel mills. The company has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification; Pollutant emissions have all reached national standards and local limit value. The company fully implementing "7 s" management and clean production, established the modern sewage treatment center, equipped with advanced ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis deep processing technology, sewage treatment capacity of 1500 t/h, including deep processing capacity of 600 t/h, sewage treatment, all meet the requirements of the secondary use, realizing the zero discharge of waste water.


Security guard, people-oriented heavy prevention: safety production is the foundation of enterprise survival and development. Company always adhere to the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" of production safety policy, strictly implement the safety production laws and regulations, establish and improve the safety rules and regulations, strengthen the safety consciousness, strengthening the supervision and regulation, deepen the hidden regulation system, institutionalization, standardization, standardization, and push the production safety management systematically. Company has passed the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, established the network security management, implement the responsibilities clear, clear responsibility and control effectively, provides the organizational guarantee for safe production.


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