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The business goal

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The business goal

Lead the first-class talented person

First-class indicators

Create first-class benefits

To build a first-class enterprise



The first-class talented person, for the first-class index, create first-class benefits, build first-class enterprise, embodies the pursuit of excellence, scaling new heights in the east China sea special steel aspiration. East China sea special steel group always adhere to the science and technology enterprise, talent enterprise development strategy, the introduction of technology and talent as a daily priority, adhere to the industry, the optimal index at the same time, strive to create more benefits for the state, society, employees. Development goals are strong steel mills in the world.


Lead the first-class talented person, the east China sea special steel group always adhere to the talent strategy of the enterprise in the development process, always put the introduction of talent as a priority to grasp, the good people off.


For first-class indicators: special steel group in the east China sea has always been to go beyond the optimal index for the goal, in the same industry innovation, advancing with The Times, challenge yourself.


Create first-class benefits: to carry out the responsibility, strict management regulations and the appraisal system, on the premise of specialization and system, to ensure that data into a standard, and information into a means of promoting the elaborating management, first-class benefits.


To build first-class enterprise, through hard work, struggle, the east China sea special steel group has been formed, coking, sintering, plaster, pellet, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling, oxygen, gas, and comprehensive utilization of waste heat power generation, slag, dust control, sewage treatment and recycling, complete circular economy industrial chain. Under the guidance of Mr Lin Guo mirror, the east China sea special steel group have confidence and ability to the enterprise bigger and stronger, do the industry leader


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