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Hebei Donghai Special Steel metallurgical enterprise team leader review of production safety training course

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22 November 17, 2015, Hebei Donghai Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. Held metallurgy enterprise supervisors production review class. Luan county safety bureau deputy director Zhang Bingyu NiuShuLin lecture, executive vice President of special steel and Donghai Special Steel all team leader to attend training.

Zhang, director of the metallurgical industry status, strengthen the enterprise the significance of the shift safety management, the problems of the shift safety management, enterprise and the improvement of the shift safety management measures and methods, the team leader must have in place of the "three", "four abilities", "five" and so on five aspects detailed interpretation of the team leader as a first-line managers, to guarantee enterprise production safety have important role. Emphasis on the scene of the production team leader must have the safety organization and management and coordination capacity; Specification itself and the worker's ability to resist consciously "three violations" behavior; The hidden perils and handling of accidents; Disaster prevention, avoid disaster, save your rescue, and emergency disposal ability to prevent accidents.

Cattle laid the team leader is the enterprise production and management of "hub", plays the essential role in the enterprise, is the responsibility of the superior instruction implementation, is the team leader, is team work of the construction of the organizer. Team leader of production safety awareness is one of the important measures, to ensure the company safety production is to reduce illegal command, illegal operation, violation of labor discipline and the effective ways to prevent the accident. Team leader must strengthen learning, how to improve the safety awareness and technical quality, to carry out the safety operating procedures and job responsibility, to post safety education, realize safe production.

Through this training, team leader clear as grass-roots management on safe production plays an important role in "hub", to improve the ability to control and treatment of sudden accident, to enhance the safety in production responsibility consciousness. They say in the future work, will further strengthen the shift safety management, ensure the safe production and steady operation for the company.