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Ruthless people love the car accident, helpful to show true feelings

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Ruthless people love the car accident, helpful to show true feelings
On February 3, 2016, luannan HuoXiYu pennants in hand, with their parents come to hebei special steel group co., LTD. The office of the east China sea, inquire for rolling two factory workers jun-chao wang and thanks to my company.

9 PM on January 5, HuoXiYu because of anger drove home with the family, good via luannan long -- big line du tuo road traffic accident, the vehicle bump a tree by the roadside and out of control, and side tumbling into the ditch. Driving home jun-chao wang after this section, found the road ditch in a vehicle, he immediately stop, the HuoXiYu found his car was in a coma, immediately call 110 and 110, and through HuoXiYu phone call his family. For 120 arrived, and accompanying luannan county hospital, help it deal with relevant formalities, it was not until after his family to go quietly.

After diagnosis, HuoXiYu brain hemorrhage, 5 rib fracture, a broken collarbone, waist bone fracture, in a deep coma, the injury is very serious. Hospital immediately on the operation. Due to the rescue in time, to save the lives of HuoXiYu.

Nowadays, HuoXiYu has rehabilitation hospital discharge. But he did not forget to hand in his own times the preserver of he back from death.

HuoXiYu father hold jun-chao wang hand a tearful said: "if it weren't for you, my son would have died. It is the nine days, if nobody tube, do not bleed to death will freeze to death. Is your son gave me a second life, our whole family thank you!" Three yi continuous cropping up old man, and then said to us: people in today's society is too little, o good man...

HuoXiYu said must learn from jun-chao wang, will this love pass, to help more people in need of help. Accident ruthless human love, help others show true feelings. Two young people tightly embrace together, has forged a lifetime friendship.

Company and steel rolling factory fully praised jun-chao wang this to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, the warm love, spirit and behavior jun-chao wang reward 500 yuan respectively, and called for cadres and employees to learn from him!