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Cold night to save the truth in, big love selfless east steelers

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Week of January 16, 2017, the owner the teacher and his wife, together with two sides pennants came to the east China sea, special steel office want to appreciate our company quality meter and personally Bai Huichang worker for saving his life, if without them, the lime stone crushing his if not, will freeze to death.

Happened at about 1:30 in the morning on December 29, 2016, zhou teacher open as usual semi-trailer to special steel in the east China sea plaster stone, unloading a cargo door suddenly sprang open, and pour out the dolomite to bury him instantly, and leave only the head and one arm on the outside, zhou teacher to call for help, because the sparsely populated, no one can hear, master of desperation in weeks, company sampling station office worker cui-ling zhang side has not seen unloading car, then to the scene view, teacher, found buried weeks cui-ling zhang immediately was at work Bai Huichang workshop c class two and three colleagues and quality meter Fang Shaochun etc. To come to the rescue.

This week the teacher has been buried for over an hour, body extremely weak, the situation is critical. Due to space narrow, the truck can't move, move the car stone will release again, increase the degree of buried, only with conservative method, by human clean up the pressure in the body of the stone. Danger is the order! Everybody rescue immediately into three groups, a group of cleaning the driver at the bottom of the stone with a spade, a set of hand clean driver above and below the head stone, a set of mobile phone, flashlight, etc lighting, and comforting and encouraging the week the teacher to be strong, stay awake. When the temperature in more than ten degrees below zero, but you no feel cold sweat, clothes are all sweat drenched, some hands are cut stone, also attend to not top dressing. Through the tireless efforts of everyone, finally at about 3:30, put pressure on the driver of the stone all clear, success will be the driver to rescue. Due to the buried for a long time, coupled with the cold weather was rescued when the week the teacher body is numb, unable to walk, Bai Huichang two workshop foreman Fang Zhenwang c class regardless of physical fatigue, word, the week the teacher back to our office to have a rest. Week master shoes lost, 2 # belt work and put in to clothe him with his new cotton shoes and enthusiastic workers also master weeks from hot water, dispel cold for him. Weeks teacher very touched, thank you immediately come up with cash to buy dinner for everybody, be declined, have said as long as you ok, these are what we should do. Everyone's face is permeated with happiness and pride.

Send pennants happens to catch up with the participation of the rescue workers on the day shift, during the week the teacher failed to personally will pennants in their hand, teacher zhou holds Bai Huichang Liu Changchang hand excited: "in the east China sea special steel relatives gave him a second life, he must always keep in mind that the the warmth and pass it on, warm more people need help".

One land raises a side people, under the firm leadership of humanism teaching, emerged more and more good deeds, everybody together, working together, under the positive energy of baking, believe that the company will more walk more far, create brilliant!

Note: save list: cui-ling zhang, Fang Shaochun, Fang Zhenwang, He Wendong, Yang Jigang, Zhao Chengmin, qianbao frequently, and memory, Qian Zhen in full, Jiang Xiaofeng, GengGeng, Jiang Zhongshan