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The fire scene


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Send pennants

On November 9, 2016, guye district HaoLi team of navy with three sides pennants came to hebei east special steel group co., LTD., dedicated to the production department, the ministry of public security fire brigade, environment related personnel, to them regardless of personal safety, save the property's heroic behavior said sincere thanks.

Around November 7, 2016, 16:00, hebei special steel group co., LTD. 3 outside the door of the east China sea a semi-trailer tires accidental fire, coke burning and trigger loading. Driver navy hurriedly call 119 report to the police, because of the long way, road congestion, fire armed police personnel in a short period of time can't arrived, anxious, hui navy stopped happened to pass by a JiaoJingChe request rescue, police quickly contact me company leadership. The fire command, only a few minutes, special steel production in the east China sea PangRuiXu minister, ministry of public security minister ZhenWenLong, environment Wang Baoge section chief led the company fire brigade members and other staff nearly 30 people rushed to and into the fire. After nearly two hours to save, the fire was put out entirely, save the economic loss of nearly ten thousand yuan.

Hui navy tightly hold the hand company members of the fire to loosen, bowed again and again, he choked: "thanks to special steel in the east China sea, ready to lend a helping hand; dong-hai xie special steel produced so many highly qualified employees, regardless of their safety, fire fighting, saved so much economic loss for us..."

Pennants are small, but the affection that, thanks to slam.