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Oriental Wan Lifeng ji, all rivers run into sea source min sheng!

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Hebei east special steel group co., LTD., founded in the spring of 2003, Mr Chairman Lin Guo mirror with brother team, invest in jidong the luanhe river state. Through hard work, struggle, to build a large modern iron and steel, wood industry chain - hebei east special steel group!


Hebei east special steel group consists of five branch: hebei east special steel group co., LTD. As the parent company, subsidiaries are: the luan county countries and industrial gas co., LTD.; Luan county gen coking and gas co., LTD.; Luan county force constant new energy equipment manufacturing co., LTD.; Luan county large metallurgical equipment manufacturing co., LTD.


The company is located in luan county, yu tuo industrial park, 180 kilometers from tianjin, Beijing, 220 kilometers, 46 km caofeidian port, jingtang 55 kilometers, tang Hong Kong youth tuo high-speed exit 8 kilometers, traffic is very convenient, convenient.