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Hebei: to promote the iron and steel overcapacity safe and orderly exit

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Safety bureau in hebei province recently issued the capacity on strengthening of the steel industry to work safety in production during the period of notice, put forward the entire province all levels of each related department will according to the size of the iron and steel enterprise, production status, and major hazards, whether involving to actual situation, such as capacity of iron and steel enterprises within their respective jurisdictions classified guidance to help, to urge enterprises do a good job in security risk assessment, the accident hidden perils, such as safety in production work, promote overcapacity safe and orderly exit.


Notice, for long-term production enterprises, the local department of work safety shall periodically conduct on-site inspections, found problems in a timely manner to correct, prevent enterprise does not have rushed to return to work and production safety conditions, production safety accidents.


For enterprises when open when stop, to focus on strengthening supervision, to conform to the industrial policy, really was not included in capacity dropped out of the scope of the enterprise, must be confirmed by the safety supervision department at the county level or more standard rear can production enterprise security conditions, without authorization for production enterprise shall submit to the local government to shut down.


For companies involved in capacity to dismantle, local work safety departments shall assist the enterprise to develop safety demolition plan, supervise enterprise organization expert demonstration equipment the feasibility of the demolishing scheme, puts forward corresponding preventive measures. Should strengthen the supervision and administration of the dismantled and urge the enterprise clear field, director of security, we will focus on developing of blast furnace, converter, when the demolition of gas pipeline network safety control, to ensure safety.


In order to suspend production rectification of the enterprise, the local government shall designate related department to send someone to factory supervision and inspection, to ensure that the enterprise strictly implement the production rectification instruction, guard against any production safety accident resulted from the enterprise production due to return to work without authorization. After the rectification period, the enterprise is still not meet production safety conditions, local work safety department should submit to the government in its list of capacity out of range.


Notice is put forward, the safety supervision departments at all levels should be according to the situation of steel industry production safety within their respective jurisdictions, organize supervision enforcement action, to urge enterprises to carry out the safety production laws and regulations, safeguard enterprise in the production of iron and steel industry adjust the environment safety, protecting the legal rights and interests of worker safety in production, promote the iron and steel industry overcapacity safe and orderly exit, production enterprise steady development.


Safety supervision departments at all levels combined with annual law enforcement plan, develop a plan of iron and steel industry to special law enforcement capacity. Law enforcement scope should cover all of the iron and steel enterprises within their respective jurisdictions, focusing on enterprise safety production condition is in line with the production safety standards, for iron and steel enterprise safety production standardization, that do not meet the level 3 and above level problem such as shutdown corrective instructions immediately. The rectification is not corrected within six months or substandard, and more safety supervision department report to the local government at the county level shall, in accordance with the law shut out.


Organize technical support. Around should be combined with local actual, in view of the late to capacity of furnace in the process of management, furnace safety demolition, high-risk operations difficult point problem such as link control, organize experts to carry out the research discussion, effectively make up for the single enterprise technical force is weak, late to develop a practical furnace management measures, safety demolishing scheme, key points of controlling high-risk operations, ensure enterprise production safety within their respective jurisdictions.