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To ensure "blue" the parade in Beijing or cut 6 million tons of steel production capacity

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In order to ensure the air quality during the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war activity, realize the "blue" the parade. Beijing from the experience of environmental protection during the APEC meeting control air environment in four phases. For the gas action, with industry analysts pointed out that the "military blue" may cut 6 million tons of steel production capacity, is the last global summit was held in Beijing in one times their production scale.

In order to ensure air quality during the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war activities, the Beijing municipal environmental protection bureau said on August 12, will be on August 3 solstice on September 4, to carry out the "atmosphere on the special law enforcement action, control emissions, dust and outdoor barbecue, etc. Analysis refers to the fact that the authorities may be cut for the "military blue" 6 million tons of steel production.

According to the report, action is divided into four stages, respectively "industrial enterprise special inspection action", "special inspection MeiYanXing pollution action", "special inspection of burnt dust class action" and "action".

Task has been completed at present, the first phase, the volatile organic compounds and dust emissions in the city enterprises to carry out the inspection, found the illegal act 120, plans to initiate the punishment.

In the third phase, the relevant departments to the construction site dust, outdoor barbecue and open burning problems such as conduct comprehensive inspection.

The Beijing municipal environmental monitoring team deputy researcher MuLiang said the law enforcement in action using the experience of the supervision law enforcement during the APEC meeting last year, can be summarized as "3 1" action, namely three "week" special law enforcement and a safeguard action.

It is reported that Beijing will also joint around the hebei, shandong, shanxi, tianjin, Inner Mongolia five provinces and cities, start the big event air quality assurance plan, with reference to the APEC protection programs, during production, limit production enterprise estimates, shutdown or there are more than 40000 construction site.

Industry analysis, points out that the military parade and track and field world championships in steel output impact will be less than 6.51 million tons, is expected within the 6 million tons, close to 6 million tons.

Earlier, there are industry analysts said, according to its and policymakers and factory communication, the "blue" the parade will slash 6 million tons of steel production capacity, is the last global summit was held in Beijing double limit production scale.

According to the analyst, Beijing, tianjin and hebei region almost all the steel mills are affected. Although the final plan is not finalized, but the coverage of the case should be more than the APEC.

Bulletin said the Beijing municipal environmental monitoring team 12, at the end of July, the Beijing municipal environmental inspection departments file total punishment illegal act 1773, punishment amount to 78.28 million 78.28 million yuan (RMB, the same below). Including atmospheric environmental class file punishment 1000, punishment amount is 24.01 million yuan ($2300).

In the first half of 2015, the Beijing tongzhou district control polluting enterprises, a total shutdown chemical industry, building materials, fuel, printing industry, and other enterprises 59. The municipal environmental protection departments jointly district government has hit on the clean up illegal sand factory, to the construction of landscape forest.