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Hebei east special steel group co., LTD is located in the industrial town of tangshan in north China, east is near bohai sea, north depends on yanshan, west, south adjacent to Beijing, tianjin, close to tianjin port, jingtang, three big port, caofeidian port of adjacent regions, karatsu, tang highway, is next neighbour to shougang, river steel, geography, resources and technology advantage is obvious.


Company was founded in 2009, covers an area of 4500 mu, fixed assets 21 billion yuan, the total number of employees 12000 people, has been formed coking, sintering, plaster, pellet, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling, oxygen, gas, and comprehensive utilization of waste heat power generation, slag, dust control, sewage treatment and recycling, complete circular economy industrial chain, with an annual output of 10 million tons of iron, steel 10 million tons, 10 million tons. The main production of reinforced concrete with hot rolled ribbed steel bar and carbon structural steel, high quality carbon structural steel, high strength low alloy steel, cold-rolled stamping in wide strip and hot rolled plate and so on. Product has covered north China, central China, east China, south China, northeast China and other major provinces and cities, and exported to Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other international markets.


Companies adhere to the "path to varieties, quality and benefit", established the technical center, build brand cultivation management system and quality control system, has been formed production, study and research, sales integration system of independent innovation. Has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO10012 measurement management system certification. "East steel" brand hot rolled ribbed steel bar and coil products won the national industrial products production license; By the China iron and steel association awarded the "center", is hebei province bureau of quality and technical supervision rated as high quality, famous brand product, and registered by the Shanghai futures exchange brand, "leading the national metallurgical industry quality brand", "stable the national quality inspection qualified product", "national product and service quality good faith demonstration enterprise" and other honorary titles...


Safety production is the foundation of enterprise survival and development. The company has passed the certification of OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, establishing safety management network, realizes the responsibilities clear, clear responsibility and control effectively, provides the organizational guarantee for safe production.


The company strictly in accordance with the environmental protection law, establish effective environmental emission control system and the exhaust gas, waste water, solid waste recycling systems, large power plant under sclerosis, lighting, greening, landscaping, strive to build green steel mills. Has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and fully implementing "7 s" management and clean production and pollution emissions have all reached national standards and local limit value, set up modern sewage treatment center, all standard after advanced treatment of wastewater and recycle, realizing wastewater zero emissions.


Company set up energy management center, the secondary energy and dynamic medium for unified scheduling and control, to optimize energy use. Company has passed the certification of ISO50001 energy management system, form a complete set of cogeneration project implementation, the use of gas, steam, remaining heat and pressure for power generation, the construction of steel slag processing production line, improve the level of energy utilization, build the circular economy.


Companies adhere to the road of new industrialization development, adjust product structure, extends the industrial chain, the gradual development of cold rolled sheet, caitu, tinplate, iron printing, and so on project, improve product added value and enhance enterprise competitiveness.


Company always uphold the "improve efficiency, to create wealth, helping employees, to give back to society" of the enterprise purpose, adhere to the "innovation, efficiency, integrity, win-win" spirit of enterprise, first-class talents, first-class indexes and create first-class efficiency, build first-class enterprise, the pursuit of excellence, innovation and development, efficient service in the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei economic development strategy and "area".


To carry out the arms tree, drinking water source. Company has always been sincere to fulfill social responsibility, keen to give back to society, support the social public welfare undertakings. Over the years, donate to charity for the poor, to the earthquake zone subscription to help the affected people survive, endowed the public facilities and donate to support the local community construction and the cause of the education...


Oriental Wan Lifeng ji, all rivers run into sea source min sheng!


Ideals, the pursuit of excellence of hebei east special steel group is willing to cooperate with friends all over the world, win-win development!