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China's iron and steel industry transformation in the new way of thinking

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China's steel industry is gradually out of the cold winter. Recently, cisa iron and steel industry and economic operation in the second quarter of a symposium, feedback from the enterprise, in the first half of the iron and steel business management efficiency gradually improved, significantly better than the fourth quarter of last year, most of the corporate profitability or loss-mitigation compared to the same. January - may, according to cisa, key steel enterprises break even profit of 8.736 billion yuan, an increase of 7.38 times; Percentage of loss-incurring enterprises 28.28%, fell 13.13% year on year; Return on sales of 0.83%. From march monthly, profitability, profit of 2.745 billion yuan; Profits in April 8.383 billion yuan; May profit of 8.522 billion yuan. On July 6, at the same time, according to China's coal resources network news, the iron and steel industry to dissolve excess capacity related work and personnel shunt placement to advance, to national policy and financial support in place.


Behind the good news, China's steel industry crisis has not fully released. First of all, the problem such as financing difficulties in iron and steel industry, "cut a knife" and "one size fits all" phenomenon, restricting production and operation of the enterprise. At the same time, China's steel exports and looked up obstacles in the face of international trade barriers. Aiming at this problem, the ministry of commerce has been to the international community to make corresponding responses, statement of China iron and steel production to meet the domestic demand is given priority to, do not encourage steel products export, on the contrary has also taken a series of concrete measures to control the export of steel products.


The problem even more complicated by the UK's referendum. Britain after leaving the European Union, Britain and the United States and the European market will produce in the short term demand is not stable, even the British market long recession, this will be China's steel industry will be the next step will face of unfavorable factors. In the face of the potential crisis, China's iron and steel industry to see the way forward, resolutely reform, an important force in "made in China 2025".


The structural adjustment of steel industry production


The international market for China's steel exports of caution and trade protectionism the rise reflects a bigger problem, that is our country iron and steel industry structure imbalance. From China's steel import and export data, it seems, is our country's export steel most primary products, and in 2015 China imported more than 900 ten thousand tonnes of steel is given priority to with high alloy structual, this suggests that high-end export product structure is the inevitable choice of Chinese brand.


In the past decade, the Chinese government and research and development of iron and steel industry of high investment is significant to improve the quality of steel products. Now, China's various government departments (including the ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and the natural science foundation, etc.) and r&d investment in the iron and steel enterprises did not slow down the pace, because of my poor enterprise benefit instead of an increase in investment. China "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning more will be huge investment for the development of high quality special steel. At the same time, China's iron and steel enterprises in to further expand the international market also has a great development. Shagang group in 2015, wing steel, and other enterprises in addition to the American standard, ks, and other product certification, and actively carry out printed label certification, such as layout a broader market.


But want to see is, at present China's steel production equipment manufacturing level still lags behind that of Europe, and Europe in the past decade for Chinese manufacturing and exports a large amount of iron and steel production equipment. For example, in the past 15 years, only a China imported more than 120 sets of caster, which more than 50% of the domestic new slab continuous casting machine are imported, mainly from Germany and Italy. This will be the development of China's iron and steel industry in the next stage is one of the key.


High-end steel products in the steel market downturn, will be more good prospects. The production cost of high added value steel cut by steel prices lower, at the same time the market space will be bigger. For example, in the process of production capacity to appear a lot of iron and steel industry "bottom", which is to optimize the production structure provides excellent opportunities.


Cleaner production


Clean production in iron and steel industry has two aspects, one is minimize pollutant emission in the process of production and the sustainable energy in each production link utilization degree maximization. Cleaner production can be said to be the path in the industry, who left behind on this link, who will be the next stage in the development of backward and eliminated by fate.


China's steel industry has been making progress in this aspect, but statistics from the point of view, there are many shortage of place. Many steel enterprises in the data on the environmental pollution and astonishing, such as jiangsu shagang is leader of the steel industry in our country, but its pollution situation also makes the heart sick, the company each year more than six thousand six thousand tonnes of carbon emissions makes it become a large industrial pollution in China.


It is so, China's steel industry environmental renovation is the key of the next phase. The focus of the work including the implementation of traditional manufacturing green transformation, promote resource recycling green development, promote green manufacturing technology innovation and industrialization, build green products, green plant, green parks, green supply chain system of green manufacturing, green manufacturing service platform construction; At the same time, depending on the area along the initiative, to promote green manufacturing industry cooperation, project of "going out" implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, promote green manufacturing demonstration projects in countries and regions along the construction, strengthen the green low-carbon technologies, equipment and industrial aspects of international cooperation.


Innovation investment


Innovation is the basic condition of more than two. Green production requires innovation, product upgrade also requires innovation. This would require the state policies and industry investment jointly build a production environment suitable for the steel industry innovation.


With "made in China 2025", "area" strategy implementation, high-speed rail, nuclear power, aerospace, military industry, high-end equipment manufacturing and the development of new energy industry, steel can use with the business cooperation in the field of opportunity, to increase the export of steel products at the same time improve the added value of steel.


Last year, for example, in hebei province using the establishment of hebei iron and steel industry energy conservation and emission reduction technology innovation alliance, the local steel industry at the front end of innovation production. Tangshan new Po Thailand steel new high efficiency high blast temperature of hot blast stove application engineering provides a new technical support kair sheng hua engineering co., LTD., from Beijing, it is the Chinese subsidiary of kair technology group co., LTD. The company to provide technical support to innovation of tangshan new Po Thailand furnace shell motionless, basic don't change, to use pure blast furnace gas pipeline system, under the condition of transformed burner for efficient premixed burner and the combustion chamber stack checker brick, forming porous medium high temperature combustion and heat storage, cleverly solved the air mixed in the process of gas combustion, air preheating, burning, flow stability, uniform air distribution and a series of problems, hot blast stove operation becomes more energy saving, high efficiency and low consumption.


Iron and steel enterprises in China to see the iron and steel industry in our country economy of the new situation and new opportunities in the world steel market change, production structure upgrade actively, make the iron and steel industry "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning the locomotive of economic development in China.