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Iron and steel enterprise benefit is improved Intelligent manufacturing will be a trend

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Has comprehensive reports, recently in the metallurgical industry planning institute and Chinese society for metals 2016 (fifth) hosted by the China iron and steel technology economy on high-end BBS, QuXiuLi, deputy secretary-general of the China iron and steel association, said that the iron and steel industry efforts to solve the excess capacity will be increased, the contradiction between supply and demand of the market will be further improved.

QuXiuLi said that the iron and steel enterprise efficiency improvement from month to month, march, realize a profit during the month, may realize the cumulative profits and gradually achieve profitability. Among them, the steel price picks up, sales revenue decline is reduced, the cost decreased more than income, expenses, especially financial cost reduction, etc., is a former steel enterprise performance is the main reason for the turnaround in July.

However, although the industry profitability have rebounded, but market demand has not improved significantly. Secretary-general of Chinese society for metals Zhao Pei said that since the beginning of the range of declining apparent consumption of crude steel in general, steel consumption fell 3.6% year on year in July.

To this, the metallurgical industry planning institute director li xinchuang thinks, personalization, customization, many varieties, small batch will become the trend of the iron and steel enterprise production organization. Intelligent manufacturing the steel production mode from mass production to mass customization. On the one hand, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, and lead to the steel products in high-end development; On the other hand, can considerably increase the quality and efficiency of enterprise development.