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The national development and reform commission: steel prices continued to pick up Inventory is lower than last year

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The national development and reform commission on October 25, 2016 (Tuesday) morning at a news conference, introduction to the progress of the work capacity. Development and reform commission, deputy secretary general Xu Kun Lin said that since this year, the steel industry presents three characteristics:

1. Prices continue to rebound. Since this year, according to the iron and steel association, monitoring, steel prices up the overall situation. The price of steel composite index reached a high in April 84.66 points, after the callback in June to 69.97 began to gradually pick up. Since August, steel prices remain stable, steel price index maintained at about 75 points. As of October 21, steel composite price index 79.00 points, 19.17 points over the same period, growth in the year 22.63. Line, tertiary rebar, hot-rolled coil plate key steel varieties prices rose 27.4%, 27.9% and 44.9%.

2. Steel stocks overall level is lower than a year ago. According to the iron and steel association statistics, in late September, the national main market inventory of 9.41 million tons of steel society, fell 8.3% year on year; Inventories than at the start of the 790000 tons, a 9.2% increase. As the weather turns cold, in the fourth quarter steel demand gradually into the off-season, social inventory also increased, but the overall level is lower than last year.

3. The price of raw materials stage from rising too fast the current efficiency of industry. According to the iron and steel association statistics, as of October 14, at the beginning of coking coal and metallurgical coke prices rose 507 yuan/ton and 849 yuan/ton. Gains were 81.4% and 126.2% respectively, compared with steel prices up just 36.1%. Coking coal and other raw materials prices rose sharply, to form a larger profit-sapping iron and steel enterprise.