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Steel coal production capacity to task will be finished ahead of schedule

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Xu Kun Lin, deputy secretary-general of the national development and reform commission, 25, said at the end of September, steel, coal both industry exit capacity more than 80% of the amount of full-year target task has been completed, parts and central enterprises have hit the year the task ahead of time. According to the current work schedule, in 2016 the national steel coal excess capacity to exit the mission is expected to be finished ahead of schedule.

According to introducing, at present the steel coal industry market, the price picks up, industry production, safety, and achieve overall improvement in operating in a relatively short time. In the third quarter of the national coal consumption from negative to positive, about 0.5% year-on-year growth, four kinds of steel products integrated price year growth of 30.5%. First eight months of the iron and steel association member enterprise profit of 21.47 billion yuan, compared to a turning around 39.35 billion yuan, the large-scale coal enterprise profit of 22.48 billion yuan, up 15% from a year earlier. And with the management benefit gradually improving, steel coal enterprise financing environment improved, cash flow tension, security into debt and owe deep contradictions such as delayed wages got more apparent ease.

It is reported that 146 first batch build coal mine project, in addition to the individual part involves the basic livelihood of the people demand for coal mine area, other have stopped production stopped. Find out of more than 300 all kinds of illegal problems involved in the steel enterprise and coal, are in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules for the rectification and processing. Across the country more than 6000 300000 tons/year and under small coal mines, existing more than 2600 on production capacity range.

Analysis the cause of the coal and steel industry to speed up the production schedule, Xu Kun, said Lin to work capacity has been gradually formed around the pushing to work and the capacity of the system, to enhance efforts, speeding up work progress, work effect appeared gradually. Moreover, through the specific inspection, progress schedule and inform interview, inter-departmental coordination mechanism and a series of joint law enforcement measures, reversed transmission capacity to speed up the exit. In addition, by the principle of retreat more fill more filling, leave early, encourage conditional regions and enterprises to exit the invalid inefficient capacity as soon as possible, to further realize the industrial structure adjustment and upgrading. In some regions and enterprises actively adjusted to production schedule, will be part of the exit of a few years after the task to complete this year ahead of time.

At the same time, Xu Kun, said the recent coal price picks up, improve enterprise benefit, is the purpose of the supply side structural reform and the inevitable result, but the price of coal based irrational rise if deviating from the market, will affect to work capacity in the whole advancement and a steady supply of energy. To this end, the national development and reform commission by increasing safety and efficient advanced capacity release, steadily push forward part replacement methods such as reducing releasing capacity, guide the coal enterprise scientific organize production according to market demand.