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The Chinese academy of engineering kuang-di xu, xin-ping MAO about the "steel power dream"

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People in Beijing on April 23 (xinhua Hao Mengjia) recently, concerned about the next generation working committee by the ministry of education, jointly launched by the Chinese academy of science ethics committee, member of the "back to his Alma mater" activities to be held in Beijing university of science and technology. The Chinese academy of engineering, smelting level 1954 alumni kuang-di xu and the Chinese academy of engineering and 2002 PhD alumni smelting xin-ping MAO returned to his Alma mater to share their steel power, science and technology of the life experience.

Conference, kuang-di xu with "advocate science, patriotic dedication, striving for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation" entitled keynote speech. Speech, kuang-di xu reference model for a large number of famous scientists and academicians and social story, erudite, simple to Alma mater, teachers and students to interpret the three views: first, science and technology innovation is the mainspring of economic and social sustainable development in our country, scientific workers must have scientific spirit; Second, work is endless exploration of science and technology, science and technology workers have the dedication; Third, adhere to scientific morality and academic norms, is the basic guarantee of scientific success. Kuang-di xu said that the "two" one hundred goals, the first in 100, is the responsibility of our generation, and to do the second dream will come true in 100 will see our young students, hope everyone passing on ustb mental quality, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to strive for a "Chinese dream".

Wei-hong li, director of the ministry of education closes working committee pointed out that the growth of the youth, is related to the future of the country and people, hope that through "academician back to his Alma mater" activity in college students' patriotic dedication of ideal faith, inheriting the spirit of science and technology, to help students career planning science and technology, set up the clear career ideal, motivate their learning companions and the national business, society and the needs of the people closely together, innovation, hard work, compose a brilliant new chapter in life.


Beijing science and technology university President marchelle ia said, Beijing university of science and technology is "the rise of the Chinese" born, with the development of new China, gone through a journey of 64 years of wind and rain, 160000 ustb graduates struggle in motherland, from all walks of life all fronts for national rejuvenation, created innumerable glorious country rich and strong (powerful), special contribution made ustb, hung on school main building "is the rise of the" stone tablets have been condensed into ustb totem and value to the human spirit.


Marchelle ia, said ustb successively walked out of the 38 members, become our country's higher education development and the achievement of a microcosm of talents cultivation, they stick to the "to the grassroots, to the country where it is needed to" call for ambition tohave a deep sense of scientific research, science and technology, their country, for the people of the ideal pursue, unremitting innovation of scientific spirit and the character style of indifferent to fame and wealth will become a new generation of ustb youth grow up a precious wealth to the inheritance and school development.


Inheritance of marchelle ia hope, all the teachers and students and motivate them to report of science and technology, to promote innovation driven development strategy in the new period, in order to realize "two" one hundred goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation "China dream" spectrum ustb new chapter.


By the end of the lecture, students host spoke to two academicians. Kuang-di xu academician affectionately recalled to study and work at his Alma mater unforgettable experience, elaborated his patriotic dedication, rigorous practical credo, encourage to inheriting and carrying forward of teachers and students in ustb realistic innovate spirit quality, self-help service to our country science and technology, for the realization of the north branch power "China dream". Xin-ping MAO academician tells the story of nearly 30 years of research experience engaged in research on thin slab continuous casting and rolling, encourage ustb young teachers and the students should have the spirit of self-reliance, if you choose the scientific research, is about to be prepared for the arduous struggle, as to contribute to the development of national youth.