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The joint silver-colored card to protect post support steel resolve capacity of coal industry

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Beijing, April 21 (xinhua) 21 (reporter Wu Yu, liu) reporter learned from the people's bank of China, has joint mandate, the China banking regulatory commission, securities regulatory commission, the people's bank of circ, well implement the state council on the iron and steel, coal industry upgrade dissolve excess capacity and to erase the decision deployment, give full play to financial guide, steel, coal and other industries to support capacity, deleveraging, cost reduction, short board, promote the iron and steel, coal industry to speed up the transformation development, implementation, to erase the upgrade.


Central bank and other four ministries jointly issued by the "about support steel coal industry resolve capacity achieve to erase the opinions of the development, put forward that financial institutions should adhere to the principle of distinction between, have helped control, meet the demand of steel, coal enterprise reasonable capital, strict control on new capacity credit investment. For long-term losses, loss of solvency and the market competitiveness of enterprises and backward production capacity, resolutely compression from the related loans.


Opinion is put forward, the implementation of the "loan" closed management, support the iron and steel enterprises to strengthen national defense and aerospace, aviation, high-speed rail, nuclear power, Marine engineering and other key areas of high-end products research and development and the popularization and application. To develop the energy efficiency lending; Actively expand the pledge loan of contract energy management in the future profit, emission mortgages, carbon emissions rights mortgage business, support steel, coal enterprises in resolving excess capacity under the overall framework of energy conservation, environmental protection and resource integration. Support steel, coal to expand exports, steel, coal enterprises to speed up to go out.


Opinions, points out that to actively yet prudently proceed with debt restructuring of enterprises, to comply with the policy and have a certain solvency of steel, coal enterprises, through adjusting the loan term, repayment methods, such as debt restructuring measures, help enterprises to survive. For eligible staff steel, coal, to further improve the level of employment venture financial services, encourage financial institutions to entrepreneurship guaranteed loans support by policy regulation, and reasonably determine the loan interest rates.


Opinion emphasized that the banking financial institutions to the integrated use of debt restructuring, bankruptcy and liquidation, dispose of the debts of the enterprise and Banks non-performing assets, speed up progress of non-performing loans verification and mass transfer, resolutely curb malicious evasion of debt enterprise behavior. For enterprise restructuring and bad asset disposal and other major problems, to strengthen communication and coordination, joint research, perfect the risk response plan, prevent individual industry, enterprise risk evolution of systemic and regional financial risks.