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Steel how to inventory? Green building integrated industry will become the "new kinetic energy"

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Economic downward pressure, the steel industry faces industry kinetic energy deficiency and excess capacity. Hebei provincial government set up by the advisory panel, the special investigation on dissolve excess steel production capacity. Team research report points out, "green building integrated industry" will become "new kinetic energy", by cultivating "" green building integrated industry, given in the form of the introduction of" delta "excess steel production capacity, will be given by" additive "" allowance" capacity of the new path.


"Capacity" in economic work priority, in 2016 the state council recently issued by the "about the iron and steel industry to resolve the excess capacity to achieve out of the opinions of the development", a period in the future was put forward to resolve the iron and steel industry overcapacity, the development of iron and steel enterprises to realize to erase the general requirements, main tasks and policy measures.


Look at China steel industry known as "the world iron and steel, China's steel in hebei province", as a big province, iron and steel production in hebei province faces will be an arduous task for dissolve excess steel production capacity. To dissolve the huge amounts of excess steel production capacity, hebei is the implementation of "6643 project", which, by 2017, reduce 60 million tons of steel. Capacity at the same time, also actively promote hebei province advantage of "going out", we have learned, and have been put into operation in hebei abroad is the preparation of steel production capacity of 8.95 million tons.


Besides, there are no other effective solve excess capacity of an option? Hebei provincial government advisory group believed that green building integrated industry could effectively resolve the "new kinetic energy" of excess capacity.


According to introducing, the green building integrated industry is the latest achievements in construction of the new technology revolution in the world, at present, our country green low carbon integrated residential construction area of less than 1% of all building types, and Europe, the Middle East and other regions of 40% - 50% and Japan reached 60% - 70%.


Hebei provincial government office of party secretary wen-hung chan said that green building on the route of technology integration industry into three big system of steel structure, PC, CL, they in green building integrated industrial production, the consumption of resources, respectively, focusing on the steel, cement and other basic resources, promote green building integrated industry construction, to solve the excess capacity of the traditional industry in hebei has positive significance.


Data show that at present China's steel structure building is less than 5% of all buildings, while developed countries generally above 50%. Team notes that if the Chinese steel usage of all the buildings of up to 25%, annual usage will be fierce to over 1 billion tons of steel structure.


Research thinks, aiming at establishing green building integrated industry, improve the structure of the traditional construction's niche business, to integrate and given the traditional industry excess capacity, which is "in" addition "to given a new approach of" margin "capacity", and is by no means current "to" subtraction "given" allowance "capacity of the traditional path". The establish and implement of this new path, no matter for given the traditional industry overcapacity in hebei province, or to relieve excess capacity, have a special meaning.