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Hebei iron and steel enterprise strengthening energy conservation and emissions reduction

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Year-on-year decline in energy consumption of per ton steel, waste emissions cuts


Recently, reporters learned from hebei metallurgical industry association, key iron and steel enterprises in hebei province in 2015, relying on saving energy and reducing consumption to achieve the production cost is reduced, the comprehensive energy consumption of per ton steel continues to decline, focus on comprehensive energy consumption of per ton steel in steel mills is 563.6 kg BiaoMei/tons, fell by 6.96 kg BiaoMei/tons, year-round to save 1.3108 million tce. In 2015, the comprehensive energy consumption of per ton steel level 571.85 kg BiaoMei/tons, focus on comprehensive energy consumption of per ton steel in steel mills in hebei province is lower than the national average 8.25 kg BiaoMei/tons, marks the key energy consumption in good level of steel mills in hebei province.


Hebei metallurgical industry association pointed out that the key association member enterprise in 2015 generally increase the intensity of environmental governance, each enterprise has the significantly reduce the total discharge of wastewater from a year earlier, the main pollutants in wastewater cumulative emissions fell; So2 in flue gas, and smoke and dust emissions year-on-year decline; Key statistics of the iron and steel enterprises increase the intensity of the combustible gas recycling, compared to the blast furnace gas, converter gas utilization are improved.


Analysis data in 2015, hebei metallurgical industry association 70 member enterprises water volume of 19.9513129 billion cubic meters, the annual new water volume fell 1.11% year on year, repeated its total water consumption of 19.4570578 billion cubic meters, water reuse rate of 97.52%, up 0.22% from a year earlier. From January 2015 to December, the cumulative water consumption of per ton steel new 2.53 m3 / ton, compared to 1.75% lower. At the same time, wastewater, waste gas and the discharge of major pollutants of iron and steel enterprise is also achieved year-on-year decline. From January 2015 to December, 15 key member capacity of 33.7739 million cubic meters of waste iron and steel enterprise, year-on-year growth of 16.70%. However, sulfur dioxide emissions 160699.22 tons 54 member enterprise, 14.95% year-on-year declines; 53 member enterprise soot emissions of 67595.53 tons, 5.75% year-on-year declines; Dust emissions by 105169.42 tons, fell 6.05% year on year.


Members to iron and steel enterprises is also generally increase the use of solid waste resources. In 2015, steel slag utilization is 98.93%, year-on-year increase of 0.31%; Blast furnace slag utilization is 99.70%, year-on-year increase of 0.43%; Iron dust mud utilization rate is 99.87%, compared with the flat.


In addition, from January 2015 to December blast furnace gas utilization rate was 97.98%, increased by 0.51% than the same period last year; Converter gas utilization rate is 95.76%, year-on-year growth of 1.02%; Coke oven gas utilization rate was 99.30%, 0.25% less than the same period last year.


Hebei metallurgical industry association vice-chairman concurrently secretary general da-yong wang pointed out that this year, the association of key member of the iron and steel enterprises will further intensify the recycle of combustible gas. We will continue to increase investment in environmental governance, truly implement all environmental protection measures, promote the development of iron and steel enterprise's green.