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Steel transformation development plan will be out of the iron and steel industry prospect

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Recently, the media reported China's iron and steel industry transformation plan has been completed, is expected to be released in the near future. February YueGong ministry said, will be formulated and issued the transformation of iron and steel industry development plan of action, to improve the iron and steel industry development situation. Today, the transformation of development plan, will no doubt will be positive domestic iron and steel industry. It is worth mentioning that the plan of the rumours will "reduce 80 million tons of steel production capacity and quantity control in the 300 or so" iron and steel enterprise information, the ministry has said the official never formally released this information.


In recent years, the domestic economic downturn, the real estate market interest and illegal construction of iron and steel industry, demand for steel products supply exceeds demand in our country, many steel companies to extend product sales to foreign markets, but countries have launched anti-dumping investigations, domestic steel products export have been hampered, further exacerbating the predicament of our country's steel market excess demand. As a result, the domestic steel mills profit difficult.



Forward-looking industry research institute to provide the 2015-2020, the Chinese steel industry development prospects and investment strategy analysis report pointed out that in 2014 China's steel production capacity of 1.1 billion tons, up to 60% of the world's production capacity. Over the past year, China's steel market consumption rose only 1%, is expected to fall further in 2015 to 0.8%. Severe market environment, the steel industry need to be transformation development. For steel mills, future cuts in excess capacity, do big steel electric business to promote the development of intelligent sales, updating equipment to environmental protection is a new way of its transformation.


National policy of steel industry backed and specification is extremely important. The transformation of iron and steel industry development plan of action, is expected to boost steel mills cut production capacity, reduce the production cost and improve the economic benefit, is expected to make "out of" iron and steel industry. And since this year, under the policy of "area", the export of steel market environment major changes will occur. "Area" all the way along the national manufacturing industry are relatively weak and backward infrastructure, there are a large number of steel demand, this will be good steel exports. , steel mills need for the needs of different countries to adjust the corresponding product production, increase exports, steel trade prospects will be better in the future.

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