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The China iron and steel association, set up two fusion work leading group

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China steel industry association recently issued a circular, decided to set up the China iron and steel association, two fusion work leading group, regarding the issue clear.

Notice said, in order to promote the iron and steel manufacturing intelligent level, the implementation of the "two chemical raw materials industry depth fusion promotion project" and "transformation of iron and steel industry development action plan (2015 ~ 2017)", according to the steel industry two fusion work needs, set up the team.

Notice has been clear about the leadership team's main responsibilities: to coordinate, steel association two combination of each work; Responsible for industry two researches and technology under centralized fusion standard system; Two turn integration management system organization, jitc pilot enterprises to promote the exchange of experience and pilot; To research and develop the industry of the two fusion key generic technology application, to promote enterprise and control scheme of intelligent manufacturing technology; Two applying major issues research and project consulting services; In industry two fusion special reports and assessment work; Big data information service platform construction industry.

Notice also made clear, members of leading group and working mechanism. China steel industry association executive vice President of Mr Zhu coalesced. China steel industry association, vice President of late jingdong li-qun wang, vice President of the China iron and steel association deputy team leader. Leading group office is located in the steel association development and environmental protection science and technology, assume the routine of the leadership team. Office workers from steel association and the ministry of science and technology, information statistics department, metallurgical science and technology development center and other departments related work personnel and northeastern university, Beijing university of science and technology, kair metallurgical automation institute, treasure letter software company send related personnel when necessary.



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