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China's steel industry manufacturing 2025 contains the opportunity

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A, "made in China 2025" was published

On May 19, 2015 the state council issued the "2025" made in China. And the content of the iron and steel industry related mainly concentrated in two depth fusion, breakthrough of new materials for key fields, further promote the structural adjustment of manufacturing, development, manufacturing service and strengthening the service function and so on five aspects.

Two deep convergence in the manufacturing as the main direction of intelligent, will promote the iron and steel industry production process optimization, supply, further enhance integration level, promote closer interaction, steel mills and downstream users to extend to the downstream steel industry chain. Special metal materials in new materials and special steel parts of the steel industry docking directly. Hope to further promote manufacturing structure adjustment will promote the iron and steel industry value chain development. Developing a service-oriented manufacturing will also push for steel mills closer service for downstream users. Iron and steel logistics park construction belong to strengthen the service function of content.

Second, the "state-owned assets reform and 1 + 15" to the surface

Forward on the same day, the state council and the national development and reform commission on the 2015's opinions on deepening the reform of economic system priority. Soe reform according to media reports from last year's fourth job upgraded to the second task of this year, according to the weight increase in the economic system reform. "State-owned assets reform and 1 + 15" system made its debut; "For a central enterprise structure adjustment and restructuring" shows that this new formulation, role in the integration of state capital market will be more obvious.

Iron and steel industry as state-owned assets accounted for heavier and a competitive industries will also be influenced by "state-owned assets reform and 1 + 15".

Three is to the steel industry, steel electricity is two breakthrough

Whether it is "made in China 2025" or "state-owned assets reform and 1 + 15" to fall to the ground in the steel industry, all need breakthrough and gripper, and steel electricity is definitely the most ideal breakthrough and gripper.

We believe that the steel electricity is the focus of the Internet revolution collision industry chain integration, the rise of electric steel traders will not only restore the whole steel trade industry, also have a significant impact on steel industry chain (specific content see depth report steel electricity: Internet revolution collision industry chain integration "). Steel electric chamber of commerce in steel trade, concentration of mass to ascend, and ascend reversed transmission steel industry concentration degree, will help to dissolve excess capacity. Big steel electricity data accumulation is an important content of two deep convergence is also the foundation of wisdom manufacture and service. Steel electricity will jointly build and steel logistics park's most O2O organizational efficiency. Steel electricity for large steel mills, strategically closer and downstream user interaction, is advantageous to the steel mills for steel mills to the downstream industry chain extension, compression between the steel mills and users in the middle of the hierarchy will promote the iron and steel industry structure adjustment and benefit for pick up.

Steel electric business as a whole in the steel industry chain represent the future of new things, state-owned assets if you don't want to be eliminated and must take the initiative to hug, active layout. Steel electricity as a new thing, to do well must have new ideas, new organization and new employees and new style, in this new soil to carry out the reform of state-owned assets, phase than in traditional state-owned enterprises atmosphere to much easy to carry out the reform of state-owned assets, state-owned assets for the steel sector reform breakthrough.

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