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Downstream of hong kong-listed warming market mainstream flat steel raw materials

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On December 31, steel spot market mainstream steady raw materials, imported iron ore spot market continued rally yesterday; Domestic ore market consolidation run weakness; Steel billet market stability strong trend; Coke market steady operation, the shipping market cold and cheerless.


Specific view, 31, import ore futures markets continue to rally yesterday. Spot: today's expression is relatively weak, most traders rotary header does not offer, poor market clinch a deal. Steel mills in the upcoming new monthly purchasing policy, some steel mills said cut in iron ore procurement prices will generally, but considering the ore price fell space is not large, under the background of weak demand, import ore market is given priority to with low consolidation is expected in the near future. Futures: 1505 main iron ore contracts, sky high consolidation, will receive 509 rose 2.62%.


In mine side, weak domestic ore market consolidation. Trend of iron ore futures prices yesterday rose sharply, today's outside ore spot prices steady rise, steel mills in ore procurement prices slightly adjusted. Recently, the hong kong-listed rebounded but two weak steel procurement price, some traders operating enthusiasm is not high, mine enterprise production enthusiasm is not high, low price rised. Expected short-term domestic ore is given priority to with weak steady running.


31 the national steel billet market stability in strong trend. Of tangshan rise 20 yuan/ton, jiangsu, fujian, shandong region rose 10 yuan/ton, down 20-30 yuan/ton in yunnan region and other regions. It is understood that the downstream product material stability strong run, but steel mills for billet increases with the increasing in mining, businessman temporarily still is given priority to with cautious wait-and-see, is expected in the near future billet market in good operation.


In various areas of domestic coking coal spot market steady operation, coking enterprises keep steady shipment price strategy, market clinch a deal in good condition, now the steel plant, coking plant are cautious to adjust the price. Jiao qi mentality unstable at present stage, lack of confidence in the late slightly, more think coke prices will pressure down next month, the coke market is expected to run steady. Futures: coke 1505 disadvantaged concussion, 1032, down 0.19% drop-off underweight.


31 scrap steel market weak turbulence, part of the mainstream steel lagging fell, whereas edged up in individual small steel mills, clinch a deal. Among them, 31 jiangxi province pingxiang steel scrap purchase price 30 yuan/tons, 31, 7 something up the mountain king system in special steel scrap steel prices drop 50 yuan/ton, anhui li xin special steel scrap steel rose 20 yuan/ton, zhenjiang, jiangsu hongtai steel flat steel scrap purchase price increase of 10 yuan/ton. Learned, near the end of scrap supply is relatively small, clinch a deal, although the downstream prices have gone up, but they still see empty afternoon, wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, short-term scrap steel market is expected to give priority to with stability.


Steelmaking pig iron market price is stable, individual regions cut 30 yuan/ton, clinch a deal the bad, the market mentality pessimistic. It is understood that although the downstream timber has improved, but for steelmaking pig iron to steel mills at present stage still purchase quantity is limited, most traders on the afternoon of cast iron is not too optimistic about, operating enthusiasm is not high. The short-term domestic pig iron market is expected to give priority to with low consolidation.


In addition, 31 shipping market cold and cheerless. Western small long vacation, shipping activity scarce, ship fuel prices continue to decline in widening freight bargaining space. Now Brazil to China sea freight $11.405 / ton (15-180000 tons); Western Australia to China sea freight $5.110 / ton (15-180000 tons); South Africa to China $6.5 - $7.5 / ton (15-180000 tons); Iran to China 21-22 dollars/ton (2-30000 tons). Continue to remain light southeast Asia market, currently in Indonesia to super handy-size ships in south China sea freight between 7 and 8 dollars/ton (5-60000 tons), panamax ship freight 5-6 dollars/ton (7-80000 tons).