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The first day of the holiday Weakening in the iron and steel raw material market stability

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On January 4, steel spot market steady weakening in raw materials, imported iron ore spot market prices slightly lower as a whole, The domestic ore market overall weak stable operation; Steel billet market vulnerable to run; Coke market steady weakening, the shipping market continued weakness.


Specific point of view, a slightly cut 4, import ore prices overall, clinch a deal the talk. Spot: three losses during the festival the billet prices by 70 yuan to 2120 yuan/ton, after a slightly raised to 2140 yuan/ton, the market mentality difference to be markedly increased, long-short stalemate, to offer both decrease, the overall market cold and cheerless. Port stocks: Mysteel statistics the total iron ore inventories for 41 main ports 9824, monthly statistics on Friday fall 235, on Tuesday statistics 131; With the caliber of inventory 9338; 1746 Australian iron ore 4978, including Brazil, India, 54, 3152 to trade, fine powder, 473, 297, block 905. (unit: ten thousand tons).


In mine side, domestic ore market overall weak steady operation. Steel procurement is still not active at present stage, the overall low volume. First, import ore continuous pull up sharply, both inside and outside the ore price gradually pull small, steel mills crackdown cautious. During the holiday season, continuous billet market fell 70 yuan, by the impact of the ore price tottering. After the first day, to alleviate the pressure of the inventory and capital, hebei large mine opening preferential policies, the first cut the ex-factory price. Although small ore price gap between inside and outside, steel mills for imported ore dependence is still strong, the domestic mining ship, bargaining space is limited, at the end, the financial strain has not abated, around a small decline phenomenon in succession, expected short-term domestic ore market vulnerable to run as a whole.


4, the national steel billet market vulnerable to run. Tired of tangshan areas fall 50 yuan/ton, shandong, shanxi, jiangsu, fujian region drop 20 yuan/ton, in other areas. Capital pressure is still serious in January, manufacturers, most of the increase shipment, but the actual transaction did not improve, and cancel the steel products export tax rebates, to impact the market mentality, steel exports in the short term or would reduce sharply, steel market will continue to be under pressure, is expected to short-term steel billet market is still weak.


The first working day in the New Year, the domestic coke weakening in the spot market stability, coke in north China market price down for 20, volume remained stable; Influenced by hong kong-listed stumbling, downstream rational purchasing, coking enterprises in the near future in pricing negotiations and steel box, recent or continue to slightly adjust the price; Region specific adjustment is as follows: hebei shijiazhuang coke procurement price cut 20, presently secondary metallurgical coke plant to tax base is 950 yuan/ton. Recent coke market is expected to run steady.


4, scrap steel market volatility, individual rebound, clinch a deal. , Jiang Xijiu steel scrap purchase price 50 yuan/ton, sheng group today scrap purchase price hike 30 yuan/ton, zhenjiang, jiangsu hongtai steel flat steel scrap purchase price increase 20 yuan/ton, anhui li xin special steel scrap up 30 yuan/ton. Section, the early stage of the screw, harden steel market is positive, conveniently falling scrap steel market, part of the second - and third-tier mills with slight rebound. And affected by the tight scrap cargo reduce, resources, east China, south China, north China part of the steel scrap purchase price rebounded, ranging from 20 to 40 yuan/ton, wait-and-see sentiment strong, trader, a small amount of operation, the whole deal. The short-term domestic scrap steel market is expected to continued volatility.


Steelmaking pig iron market as a whole continued, individual regions cut price (among them, guiyang area price cut down the price of 20 yuan/ton, longyan region 30 yuan/ton, down the price of linyi area 50 yuan/ton), the market pessimistic atmosphere thick. According to understand, and iron ore slightly upgraded the impact is not big, still market downturn due to poor demand. Steel parts procurement price decline, ill to factory, purchasing has the certain difficulty. Expected short-term domestic pig iron market is given priority to with weak steady running.


In addition, 4 shipping market continued weakness. Brazil to China sea freight $11.219 / ton, down $0.186 / ton (15-180000 tons); Western Australia to China sea freight $4.994 / ton, down $0.116 / ton (15-180000 tons); South Africa to China $7.5 - $8.5 / ton (15-180000 tons); Iran to China $21.5 - $22.5 / ton (2-30000 tons). Southeast Asia market performance light, India to China sea freight smoothly at present. East - north China freight, 12-13 (5-60000 tons), printed on the west - north China 13-14 dollars/ton (5-60000 tons), 8-9 dollars/ton (7-80000 tons), 6-7 dollars/ton (14-160000 tons).