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An unprecedented new environmental reversed transmission dynamics to iron and steel industry.

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An unprecedented new environmental reversed transmission in the steel industry. When reporters learned that even said baosteel such benchmarking enterprise, some indicators standard is difficult. But the personage inside course of study and relevant experts believe that steel industry should find "method and the market regulation mechanism, different from the previous single administrative power control, the key lies in the fact that law enforcement on one to implement, be fair.


After the "new environmental laws, and particularly in view of the eight new standard after the release of steel, iron and steel industry can be said to be the great shock." Baosteel group deputy general manager cui jian said.


According to the research department of baosteel, the new standard is almost covered from iron ore selecting, sintering, coking, iron and steel rolling process. Steel for kinds of pollutants more detailed comprehensive environmental governance, pollutant discharge standard is also much tighter.


"My steel" and so on the domestic iron and steel research institute researchers think that the new standards, some ways can use the "brutal" to describe. Iron and steel enterprises need to invest a lot of money for environmental protection technical transformation, the original thin margins, widespread loss of iron and steel enterprise is a great challenge.


Iron and steel industry for many years has been calling for industry control to from "although" to "law and market" model.


Regulatory mechanism of "law and market" model, the most fundamental one is setting up enterprise development "legal compliance" new bottom line. Cui jian, the personage inside course of study says, the new environmental laws, through two "hard fist", one is on a daily basis for punishment, if defined in law violations, illegal enterprise improvement period to reach the goal, and then on a daily basis for continuous related penalty, uncapped. Raising the cost of illegal polluting enterprises, which is beneficial to eliminate the pollution of the disadvantages of low cost, open the "punishment pollution will have wiped out penalty possibility of incision. Second, shall be investigated for legal responsibility enterprise as a legal person. For first batch build refuses to correct the illegal act, intentionally causing serious pollution accident, can give punishment, such as public security detention of enterprise legal person. Violations of environmental protection of enterprise, not only economic loss, and to be shall be investigated for legal representative, business and corporate social reputation will have serious losses.