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Taiwan imports from the mainland hot rolled stainless steel material

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Taiwan from the mainland, according to relevant trade data, imports of stainless steel flat bar number is still rising, but Ye and tang rong is no longer too much attention. According to a Ye union official said, "after the implementation of anti-dumping duties, without a lot of China stainless steel cold rolled material into the Taiwan market, most of the imports are hot rolled material and 400 series stainless steel material. Imports of hot-rolled material price is very competitive. Some Taiwan abrasion according to purchasing price and quality of imported hot-rolled material, some will buy local abrasion." Two steel mills says it remains in close attention of import of stainless steel material, but so far there is no further filed anti-dumping litigation plan. Tang rong officials said, the increase of imported hot-rolled material have an impact on us, but we can't prevent the entry of all imported materials, it also gives us a much a choice, namely in smelting under the condition of the high cost can we choose imported hot-rolled material of rolling.


Since last August 15, 300 imported from South Korea and China Taiwan lies in the cold rolled plate implementation of anti-dumping duties, but Taiwan, according to official data from the two countries' imports of stainless steel is still rising, imports from the mainland during the 2013 - December 9 wide in more than 600 mm stainless steel flat products rose 33.2%, to 250000 tons.